The Dubai International Superyacht Summit Forum

How the Dubai International Superyacht Summit Forum works

Step 1: Register on main menu bar, top right.
Without registration you can read but not post.

On registration:
Use your name or choose a nickname. This will distinguish your identity. Your "face" will be represented by an avatar - a personal image shown next to your posts. You will also be asked for other personal data.
Once registered, you will be able to access the section My area, a Personal Area found in the menu immediately after your avatar. Here you can change your personal data, check private messages contained in your In-box, or delete your account.

Upon entering the forum, you will find a forum search engine that will be useful for filtering categories, discussions and posts.
Below you will find a screen where the main sections are listed (categories), divided by topic. Within each section of interest (categories), there will be a list of all the topics (topics) in the section.
A topic is a set of messages (posts) through which users express their thoughts about the topic proposed by the author of the discussion.

For effective use of this forum we advise you to:
  1. Use the search engine of the forum before opening a new discussion (Topic).
    This will verify if it is already present and avoid creating repetitive discussions.
  2. Use a title in the discussion to summarize the subject of this in the best possible way.
    This allows those interested to intervene and those not to avoid the page.
  3. Try not to carry out more post-series work in the same discussion, but rather concentrate each intervention in a single post.
    This will make reading the discussion easier.

Communicate in the Forum

Participate in a topic and post, or insert your own speech, it is very simple:
on each post you will find a button "Reply" and by clicking you can write a message, which will be displayed at the end of those already present.

Use the button "Quote" if you want to reply to a post with the entire original message or only a part of it in the reply.

If you wish to propose a new topic, enter the relevant section and click on the "Start New topic" button. A window will open where you can insert the title and text of the discussion.

In the forum you may send a private message (PM) to individual registered users:

This is correspondence involving only the sender and the recipient of the message. Other users do not have access to it. This is in the My Area section.
A grey bell near your avatar will show you how many unread private messages you have received.

The users are divided into two categories: normal and administrators / moderators.

The administrators / moderators are the supervisors, who regulate activities in the forum. They ensure that the rules are respected, so they have special powers: if a user transgresses the rules, they can delete and modify posts, or even ban the user from accessing the forum!

  1. Personal insults between participants;
  2. Offense to any institution, religion or faith;
  3. Proselytism: trying to convert people belonging to other faiths (or no faith) to their religion, employing persuasion or intimidation such as divine threats;
  4. Racism and any suggestion of the inferiority or superiority of one race over the other. In addition, homophobia, xenophobia and sexism;
  5. Messages (Post) not related to the proposed themes. So called "off topic" themes unsuitable to the purposes of the forum;
  6. Messages without arguments or insufficient arguments may not be accepted;
  7. Messages that contain only links may not be accepted;
  8. Comments in a sarcastic, mocking, sacrilegious and disparaging tone;
  9. Attitudes and / or positions of dispute, clearly hostile towards the moderators and administrators of the forum;
  10. Blatant advertising. Nevertheless, products or services may be recommended in response to a request by a user;
  11. Incitement to encourage destabilization of normal and peaceful participation in the forum;
  12. Multi registrations (with different nicknames), each person can participate in the forum with a single registration;
  13. Publish images or links deemed obscene and offensive to the sensitivity of individuals; these will be immediately removed. The rule also applies to signatures and avatars.

The deliberate failure to comply with the above will result in immediate banning (cancellation) from the forum, at the discretion of the moderators and / or forum administrators. It will be exclusive and unquestionable task of the moderators to establish when these limits are exceeded and to intervene accordingly. Administrators reserve the right to edit out content deemed by them as inappropriate.

Acceptance of Rules

By proceeding with registration, you declare acceptance of these rules in full.
The presence of these rules of behavior encourages serious, civil discussion with due respect for the opinions of others. During discussion it is possible to arrive at situations of disagreement. Lively disagreement is constructive, but not at the expense of personal insult, or any attempt to denigrate opinions others. Such behavior will result in closure of the discussion. Offending users may be removed from the forum..